Tourette’s Syndrome and the Possible Cannabidiol Answer

When you hear the words “Tourette’s syndrome,” chances are you have a particular image in mind: a young child, perhaps thrashing about, swearing at his parents and saying unspeakable things in public. While it’s certainly the most famous and dramatic portrayal of the condition, Tourette’s syndrome can affect an individual of any age, and is usually more subdued, involving a variety of verbal and non-verbal tics that may or may not be significant.

Whatever the intensity of a person’s Tourette’s, his or her tics are usually persistent and repetitive, often bringing with them a cloud of frustration and embarrassment that affects major aspects of daily life. For those with severe Tourette’s syndrome, seemingly simple things like school, work and interacting with strangers can be a source of enormous anxiety—which, for some patients, only makes the tics more frequent and severe.

While there are various medications and neurosurgical options available for the treatment of Tourette’s, some have begun to turn to cannabis-based treatments as a possible alternative—and with promising results.

In a 1998 study from Hannover Medical School in Germany, researchers found that Tourette’s syndrome patients who had used cannabis experienced a whopping 82% reduction in tics and other obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Then, a 2002 study published in the journal Pharmacopsychiatry suggested that the administration of THC—the partner of CBD in marijuana—provided similar effects. Now, Tourette’s sufferers and CBD proponents are attesting to the abilities of cannabidiol to do the same.

CBD oil may be a good choice of alternative treatment for Tourette’s patients who would prefer to avoid the inhalation of smoke and/or the high that is attributed to THC. Vaporized cannabidiol can be easily inhaled (or “vaped”) by these patients, allowing direct absorption of CBD without the extras.

It is important to remember that laws and restrictions surrounding the use of CBD oil vary by state, and that administering cannabidiol to minors may be a serious offense. Be sure you understand your local laws regarding use of cannabis and cannabis derivatives before attempting to provide this treatment to a minor child dealing with Tourette’s syndrome.

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